Cloud Journey #2: Outdated IT is Weighing you Down

Written by Erin Brennan

March 4, 2020

Is outdated IT holding your business back?  Cloud can help.

Make no mistake: information technologies, from PCs and networks to the internet and smartphones, have given a massive boost to growing businesses. But today, many companies are struggling to manage and maintain all of the technologies they’ve acquired over time. They must choose, deploy and manage desktops, servers and software; support users and their PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets; and update, upgrade, patch and secure the whole set-up. Forever!

For a lot of businesses, this is more than just someone’s full-time job, it’s a major drain on budget and resources.  And it’s getting harder.  As work changes, technology accelerates, security threats multiply and data regulations grow, internal IT teams struggle to keep up.

If you’re like the vast majority of growing businesses, you’ve been forced to throw more and more time, money and resources at IT instead of into your core business, ending up less secure and less productive.

The cloud changes all of that.

Cloud: A New Value Equation

When it comes to the cloud, there’s a lot of hype and misinformation out there.

But it’s actually a simple concept:

  • The cloud is internet-based computing that offers processing, storage, applications and services.
  • It lets authorized users access resources on demand, from any device.
  • It offers a predictable subscription model, without the up-front costs of traditional licensing.

These simple ideas, powered by some remarkable technologies, dramatically change the way businesses of all sizes approach their IT needs.  The benefits are no longer in dispute and include:

  1. Lower costs:  Cloud enables a move from CapEx to OpEx, lowering barriers to entry so that you have access to technologies that would otherwise be unaffordable.
  2. Tighter security:  Because you benefit from bank-grade security – everything from full encryption and firewalls to instant updates, patches and 24x7x365 monitoring.
  3. Less admin:  Cloud IT is easier and faster to deploy, and the management and maintenance are taken care of.
  4. Greater agility:  You can spin up new services as needed and close them down when they’re not, offering flexibility not available with traditional locked-in licensing.
  5. Easier mobility:  Cloud-based data, apps and services are always available to all members of your team, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

In short, the cloud lets you get out of the IT business and focus on what you do best – improving your bottom line. And that’s why so many growing companies are eager to accelerate their cloud journeys.

Your market is going cloud right now. Not surprisingly, as millions of small and medium-sized businesses are moving more of their IT systems to the cloud every day:

  • Accounting firms are using cloud accounting software and securing and backing up client files in the cloud.
  • Construction companies are moving to cloud-based project management for on-site project visibility.
  • Retailers depend on their cloud-based eCommerce, CRM and customer service tools to grow their customer bases.
  • Regulated industries are simplifying their compliance processes, as there are now clouds designed specifically for individual compliance objectives.

Every industry in every country is going the same way.

Look around: yours is too.

Ask us how to get started on your journey.

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