A 3-way relationship built on trust: Third Octet, Veritas and a leading Canadian healthcare company.

Written by Matthew Metelsky

October 7, 2020

When one of Canada’s leading healthcare providers, with more than 100 locations throughout the country, was looking for a data archiving solution for unstructured and on-premises email, it reached out to longstanding IT partner, Ontario-based Third Octet, Inc., a Trust X Alliance member.

“Their ask was not within our traditional expertise,” explained Matthew Metelsky, Third Octet CEO.  “We specialize in virtualization and infrastructure services, not data management. But due to our longstanding relationship and the trust they placed in us, they insisted we take on the assignment. They wanted to hear how we would approach the problem.  We did a deep dive into the offerings of 10 vendors and developed a grading system to rank each one based on their ability to meet a clearly defined set of requirements.”

Evaluating several criteria focused on data privacy and compliance

The customer was looking for a solution with the ability to:

  • Enforce how data is handled through policy-based engines.
  • Facilitate encryption in transit and at rest through the life of data management.
  • Provide integrations with a variety of traditional on-premises storage repositories and the flexibility to extend integration into hyperscale cloud platforms, such as AWS and Azure.
  • Function natively out of the box, without the need for excessive customizations.
  • Decrease existing backup durations.

Third Octet also looked at factors like the vendors’ accessibility and responsiveness, based on verifiable customer references within the healthcare vertical.

After a thorough analysis, the search was narrowed down to a short list of three vendors, and Veritas was the eventual solution selected. More than 85% of Fortune 500 companies and a broad range of SMBs rely on Veritas solutions like Enterprise Vault (EV) for data management and protection, storage optimization and compliance readiness. The company is a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery solutions.

Veritas and Third Octet provided a compelling presentation demonstrating why their EV Suite was the best solution to meet the healthcare company’s information management and governance requirements in the near- and long-term. The customer was convinced of the immediate value, resulting in Veritas Enterprise Vault with coupled with professional services for implementation in both their laboratory and production environments.

Building a strong partnership

Veritas, as a longstanding Trust X Alliance manufacturer partner, provided a valuable connection to Third Octet, one that will only be strengthened with the continued partnership.  Teamwork was key to landing the assignment and so was Third Octet’s ability to understand the needs of their customer—and to appreciate the value that Veritas and the Enterprise Vault solution could bring to the
healthcare organization.

“This undertaking exposed Third Octet to a wealth of knowledge around data management, as well as the importance that data intelligence will have on business innovation in the coming years.  Understanding, managing, and governing data is critical not only to simplify insight and operational control but also to expedite data consumption and portability, especially to cloud.”

– Matthew Metelsky, CEO of Third Octet.

As the implementation process gets underway, the three companies are building a foundation of trust and goodwill that will be key to success moving forward.  To learn more about how Veritas solutions can address your data management needs, contact us today.

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