Email and Endpoint Security Assessment Service

Written by Matthew Metelsky

May 19, 2020

Concerned about Email and Endpoint Security

Do you want to know how well your current email and endpoint security is really performing? Powered by Trend Micro, our free Security Assessment Service will see if you are effectively protected against the advanced threats that are impacting organizations today.  This quick and easy-to-run security assessment provides a detailed view of threats found across segments of your organization, and is increasingly important today with your massive remote workforce.

How it Works

  1. Your Microsoft® Office 365® email inboxes and endpoints are scanned to find any threats that may have evaded existing protections
  2. We provide a snapshot of your security posture in the form of a detailed report, so you can see how well you are protected against threats out there today
  3. You are invited to speak with us to learn more about the vulnerabilities in your security strategy and about new solutions that may help fill the gap


Understanding your email and endpoint security posture allows you to better identify where to invest time to mitigate risk and exposure.  Our always complimentary assessment service will quickly identify these gaps and equip you with the necessary remediation requirements to sleep a bit better at night.  Many of these risks can be quickly alleviated through our existing suite of technology solutions, inclusive of Trend Micro, as well as many of the native capabilities present within Microsoft 365.

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