Citrix and What If Scenario

Written by Matthew Metelsky

May 14, 2020

Third Octet’s approach on designing and deploying Citrix is based on strategy that tries to incorporate planning for the unknown at all times.

Filmed in Orlando at Citrix Summit 2019, our CEO, Matthew Metelsky, shares our approach on how we think beyond immediate use cases in order to expand Citrix for “what if” scenarios – unplanned events that impact user access.  General purpose Citrix availability is extremely important to facilitate continuity in times of emergency need.


General purpose for us is something we always have approached. There’s always value in centralizing a service for the “what if” scenario. We always have that “what if” scenario running in our heads to provide services to users in the event of something unplanned, be it a weather event. That way, there’s always at ready environment to provide use cases  for users when they’ve never used Citrix before. It’s something we do all the time.

There’s always this thing that happens when we deploy Citrix at a new organization, perhaps for a single use case.  One that comes to mind is where a marketing Department needed to leverage couple key applications. We said this is a good opportunity to do a POC (proof of concept) with Citrix. And it was one of those POCs that was so successful that it immediately went into production. (We didn’t design it for production right away, so we should probably go back to it a little bit). Other users started to catch wind, asking “how are you getting this done when you’re at home?”, “how are you doing that?”, “VPN?” “No, we’re using Citrix.”

The IT team there is starting to really understand that there is value in just having this ready. For our users, for these types of situations, get rid of some of these complex, “lack of user friendliness” approaches to connecting to the infrastructure and let’s start providing Citrix as general purpose.

We don’t necessarily go into organisations with a specific niche or use case in mind. We go for those wall-to-wall deployments as there is always value in having all services ready. It doesn’t
make sense to provide will just one thing on Citrix. Put it all in there.

That’s the approach we’ve always taken.

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