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Mining gold in the cloud

These days, the technology landscape is strikingly similar to the California Gold Rush of the mid 1800s. Emerging technologies like AI, analytics, and hybrid and multi-cloud computing hold amazing promise for those that can “mine” it effectively and use it for company benefit.

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Leading Through Digital Disruption – a Gartner eBook

Digital disruption can be an intimidating term and, perhaps more challenging, it is often a topic CIOs and senior IT leaders know they should be thinking about but aren’t sure where to start. The “wait and see” attitude is a mindset that needs to be left in the past, or organizations risk being left behind.

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eBook: Mining Management In the Cloud – It Is Possible!

Managing communications, data exchange and reporting across multiple data centers, mines, and remote camp locations can be costly in terms of bandwidth, connectivity downtime, employee morale and information exchange lag time. Imagine Imagine multiple mine, remote camp, mobile and office data information connectivity from one single platform. Imagine infrastructure requirements for each location dwindling to […]

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