Why invest in employee experience?

Written by Matthew Metelsky

November 26, 2020

Why technology needs to be at the center of the employee experience

Does anyone not want productive and happy employees? Of course not. A work culture that focuses not just what employees do, but how, when, and where work gets done, creates a positive employee experience with amazing benefits, including three times the return on assets and double the return on sales. How’s that for financial reward? And we believe the foundation for creating this culture starts with technology. Combining culture with the right technology solutions that make it easier to get things done can go even further and increase productivity by 20-25 percent or more.

Employers who focus on the technology side of the workday experience see dramatic increases in productivity. A key driver of this increased productivity is providing employees with the right digital workspace and tools. A Citrix Workspace solution organizes, guides, and automates the workday in an intelligent manner that replaces the daily barrage of distracting application notifications, alerts, and pop-ups.

To show you how, we’d like to introduce you to Joe, a busy manager with a lot on his plate. Chances are, you deal with many of the same things that compete for Joe’s precious time and attention—status reports, expense approvals, team meetings, flooded email inboxes, and more. There’s an equally good chance you can relate to some of the technology hiccups that slow Joe down—logins, resetting passwords, switching apps, and things simply just not working.

Read our infographic The snail versus the gazelle: a tale of two managers to see what the workday and employee culture could be like for your business. We’ll show you how one version of Joe—the Snail—has to slog through the day, distracted, stressed, and behind schedule. You’ll also meet Joe—the Gazelle—who uses our Citrix Workspace solution to breeze through the day, feeling productive, accomplished, and good about his work-life balance.

Come journey through the day with Joe and decide for yourself what kind of technology-driven employee culture you want to create. We’re ready to help transform your workforce into an unstoppable team of Gazelles.  And, when you’re ready, give us a call to get started.

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