Cybersecurity Assessment – Our Gift to Keep You Safer

Your chance to assess your IT environment for free.

The world is a hotspot for malicious actors, ransomware and threats. At Third Octet, we accept our responsibility to make the world a safer place. Together with our customers we are turning the tide in the cyber war by baking security considerations in everything we do.  For a limited-time only, we are offering select customers the opportunity to participate in a free cybersecurity assessment. You’ll learn about urgent action items, quick wins and longer term processes to stay resilient. It will only take up 1 day of your IT resources to execute this quick and comprehensive assessment.  To get started, simply contact us or fill out the form below. We will plan a kick-off call to explain the concept of the cybersecurity assessment in more detail and discuss the system and client requirements.

Why Canadian companies need an IT checkup?

Accenture estimates that firms in Canada lost $12.12 million to cyberattacks in 2018.  Cyberattacks are costly to recover from, even for small and mid-sized organizations.

Furthermore, Microsoft recently concluded a survey to better understand business leader’s views of the pandemic threat landscape, the implications for budgets and staffing, and how they feel the pandemic could reshape cyber-security in the longer term.  A majority of business leaders reported budget increases for security (58%) and compliance (65%).  At the same time, 81% also report feeling pressure to lower overall security costs.  This might feel contradictory and leaves business leaders with a challenge – do more with less.

Pandemic Impact on Budget Priorities

The good news is that by maintaining the most basic best practices such as regular IT “checkups”, you can protect your business from most cyber incidents. Join 73% of your peers in Canada who do regular security assessments and take the responsible step of checking your IT environment.  Better yet, you may already have the capabilities to increase security with your existing investments.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment will improve your security based on factual data!

For a limited time, we are gifting you with a free in-depth consultation and the use of our Cybersecurity Assessment Tool to provide you with insights into your current cybersecurity position and to help invest in the right security improvements or uncover those you already own.  This consultation comes with a cybersecurity assessment of your hybrid IT environment based on factual findings, where you will get:

  • Insights into the security of your hybrid IT environment
  • Maturity scoring to make informed decisions on new security initiatives
  • Recommendations to mitigate security threats
  • In-depth consulting to create your risk based action plan

To get started, simply contact us or populate the form below. We will bring you in touch with our cybersecurity engineers and plan a kick-off call to explain the concept of the cybersecurity assessment in more detail and to discuss the system requirements of the assessment.

Let’s get started.

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