Third Octet Achieves Citrix Platinum Workspace Specialist Status

Written by Matthew Metelsky

January 12, 2021

Standing out from the crowd.  Again.

Since our company was founded in 2007, we’ve always strived to be the best at our capabilities.  Rarely did we entertain a new vendor relationship unless we were certain we could master the solutions at hand.  As a matter of fact, in 2007, within a few weeks of our launch, one of our first meetings was with the management team at Citrix Canada.  With a tiny staff at the time, we were immediately made Gold partner solely based on our historical capabilities.  Looking back, it’s likely we failed to meet many of the requirements at the time but committed, hand over heart, to get it done.  We did.  An initiation unlike any that left a high bar to maintain which, in our humble opinion, we’ve maintained and surpassed over the many years since.

To be a Citrix partner, there are both technical and sales requirements and, depending on which side you are on, both could be equally as hard.  To be a partner in the upper echelon – Platinum – was a challenging feat.  In the early years of Third Octet, we aspired to be Platinum, and respected our fellow Citrix partners who achieved and maintained such an esteemed pedigree.  It was our goal to achieve that.  In 2015, when Citrix made sweeping changes to their partner program requirements, including the introduction of technical practicums to thoroughly vet partner expertise, we set our sights.  By 2017, we obtained Platinum Status and became a Specialist after our own CEO (then CTO) sat and passed the grueling practicum.  To crown our tireless work, we were awarded Citrix Partner of the Year for Canada in 2017.

Today, we are thrilled to announce a further development in our quest of mastery – our qualification as a Citrix Platinum Workspace Specialist.

As a Platinum Workspace Specialist, we have developed the necessary technical know how – a cross between Workspace and Networking skills – to effectively design, deploy, and manage Digital Workspace solutions from Citrix, on-premises and in Microsoft Azure while being fully validated through real-world customer NPS ratings.  This combination is the stamp of expertise.

“This achievement is a natural evolution for Third Octet – one that we were already well prepared for last year.  It’s not just a stamp of validation for our clients in choosing a qualified solutions provider, especially in light of ongoing global events; it also serves as a constant reminder of our internal desire to remain lifelong learners.  I am extremely proud of our team for this achievement, and thankful for the continued support of our customers and partners alike,” said Matthew Metelsky, CEO of Third Octet.

And this is just the start.

Our quest of mastery continues, and we are hopeful of making more announcements around our partner status in the very near future.  (Hint = +).

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