How flexible work lowers stress, improves retention and creates work-life balance

3 Reasons a Digital Workspace is Critical for Business Continuity

A digital workspace is an integrated technology framework designed to deliver and manage applications, data (even disparate), and desktop delivery from a single platform. It gives your employees a choice in how, where, and when they work—before, during, and after a planned or unexpected business disruption and workforce entropy – and IT the ability to define where services are delivered from – on-premises or cloud.

Without a remote desktop solution in place, potential consequences for any type of disruption include:

  • 69.3 percent loss in productivity
  • 41.4 percent increase in customer complaints
  • 39.5 percent increase damage to reputation[1]

That is why it is imperative to have an effective digital workspace solution in place at all times and not just for times of perceived or heightened need. Here are three more important reasons.

A digital workspace provides flexibility.

A flexible work schedule is a top benefit of a digital workspace for both employees and employers alike. When 2,500 workers were asked what was the biggest benefit to working remotely in the 2019 “State of Remote Work” report by Buffer, 40 percent answered “a flexible work schedule.” [2]  A virtual workspace gives employees the flexibility they desire and businesses the ability to respond immediately and efficiently to any unforeseen event. Our cloud-hosted virtual app and desktop solutions, powered by Citrix, can be deployed at any time within a few hours—so your employees can work from anywhere on any device and scale business resources as needed.  Our Remote Work strategy is just that.

A digital workspace helps maintain productivity.

Any potential loss in productivity during a business disruption, planned or unplanned, can be alleviated with an effective digital workspace strategy. It has been shown remote workers are 20 to 25 percent more productive than employees who work in an office.[3]  As well, a virtual desktop solution in place as part of a solid, future-proof business continuity plan simplifies the transition from office to remote work. How? Virtual apps and desktops are designed to maintain necessary levels of security and control over user access to your corporate resources —a critical component of any workspace.  And, when coupled with our Cloud-based management layer and Microsoft Azure, digital workspaces can be delivered across the globe, bringing services as close to users as possible, with ease and without heavy costs.

A digital workspace increases retention.

Eighty percent of workers today would choose a job that offered flexible working over one that didn’t and 30 percent value being able to choose their work location more than extra vacation time.[4] If your business is serious about competing for top talent you need to give employees a digital workspace that allows them to work from any location, on any device, at any time and now!

A digital workspace solution will also help your business survive any type of disruption and thrive post-incident by giving your employees a choice in how, where, and when they work so they can continue to communicate and collaborate effectively at all times—a necessity for the continued success of any business and, importantly, for work-life balance.

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