Employee Experience improvements through HR & IT Alignment

Written by Matthew Metelsky

March 20, 2021

Employee Experience and Well-being should be both IT & HR Priorities

recent survey suggests that 41% of employees feel drained, exhausted or burnt out from their work. According to another study, a similar portion of workers, 42%, think that having the digital tools they need to be productive leads to improved morale.

In traditional corporate environments, the HR team would be the lead driver of finding solutions to the increasingly prevalent burnout problem. But as the results illustrate, companies must focus on employee well-being as a cross-functional priority between IT & HR to thrive. No longer can businesses afford a siloed approach to the responsibilities of technology and people operations.

To maximize the positive effect of technology for employee experience, the IT infrastructure solutions implemented in your business should correlate with critical high-level HR goals:

  • Increasing Employee Retention: Workers at organizations who invest in employee experience are almost nine times as likely to recommend the company to potential new hires. Consider investing in technologies that improve engagement and satisfaction so your personnel will remain with the organization longer. For your IT team, boost retention by deploying solutions that make it easier for them to manage, centralize and secure your entire technology infrastructure.
  • Reducing Employee Burnout: Providing a predictable and reliable user experience makes staff less likely to become frustrated and disengaged wherever they work. Invest in the workplace with end-user technologies that allow everyone to feel supported, connected and able to perform their job at peak productivity. Ensure that your primary user application enables employees to focus on their core competencies without wasting time due to interruptions from context switching and searching for information.
  • Improving Onboarding Experience: With a Citrix Workspace solution, new-hires receive just one log-in to access all of the business applications, team folder files, and communications tools they’ll need to be successful. Focus on providing company-wide technologies that give virtually onboarded employees the same access to tools, people, and data as those in the office. With the right digital solutions, your new team members will retain more information from their training and make a measurable impact on your profitability quicker.

Have HR & IT work together to ensure people have a positive relationship with the workplace technology they use daily. Implement modern digital workspaces to minimize friction, enable flexibility amongst your staff, and improve work-life balance. Be innovative and make digital transformation and employee experience your organization’s #1 priority.

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