Citrix on Microsoft Azure and Five Reasons to Migrate

5 reasons to migrate to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Microsoft Azure with Third Octet.

Today’s IT executives are tasked with finding ways to use technology to increase employee productivity and enable flexible work environments, while keeping business data secure.  However, with budgets being constrained while organizations look for expense cuts, they must also keep their organization’s tech spend in check.  To accomplish this, many IT leaders are choosing to migrate to the cloud.

Third Octet, Citrix and Microsoft are helping customers find value by simplifying and accelerating your journey to the cloud.  Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to deliver secure experiences to any device, while simplifying and optimizing IT operations.  But did you know that when you transition your deployment to Citrix Cloud and Windows Virtual Desktop hosted on Microsoft Azure, you can unlock ever more advantages and cost savings – all while reducing your reliance on physical infrastructure?

Unlock 70% savings with Citrix cloud services on Microsoft Azure compared to on-premises and 30-50% savings on operational costs.

If you run some or all of your Citrix workloads on-premises, here are 5 great reasons why migrating to Citrix on Microsoft Azure can accelerate your digital transformation and amplify IT costs savings (upwards of 70% over 3 years), including:

  • Migrating on your terms.
  • Simplify management and adapt faster.
  • Accelerate Azure time-to-value with Citrix Cloud.
  • Deliver secure workspace experiences.
  • Maximize ROI.

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Third Octet, Citrix, and Microsoft make desktop management more secure, flexible, and efficient.  A modern digital workspace is built on solutions from Citrix and Microsoft, including Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service, Citrix Workspace and, of course, designed, implemented, supported or managed by the expertise of Third Octet.  It’s time to migrate to Citrix on Microsoft Azure.

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