Four Major Ways Citrix Workspace is Helping Teams Adapt to the New Normal

By CYNTHIA MACNEIL – contributor.

A Workspace that Adapts with the Business.

As we ready ourselves for post-pandemic life, business leaders worldwide are examining which tools will best support the new normal for their teams.  Whether your company embraces a fully remote, remote-first, hybrid, or work-from-anywhere model, options for digital workspace solutions abound. Today, we’re taking a look at several key benefits of implementing Citrix® Workspace™. Keep reading to discover four major ways that Workspace is helping teams adapt.

First, What Exactly is Citrix Workspace?

The first thing you should know about Workspace is that it’s an entirely cloud-based, digital workspace software solution. Its user interface (UI) grants users secure access to their virtual desktop, various customizable microapps, and company files. It can also connect you with a range of SaaS, web-based, and native apps. In addition, this digital workspace boasts granular access control (just the right amount of access for the right people and departments), as well as real-time analytics and actionable insights for administrators. In terms of delivering an optimal remote-work experience, Workspace goes to great lengths to reduce context-switching. It keeps users in a mental flow state by housing all data and apps in one place, eliminating needless time switching back and forth between tools and inboxes. It’s a proverbial “one digital solution to rule them all.” Or, if sports analogies are more your style, this previous post will explain how Citrix Workspace is like a hockey player.

Four Workspace Benefits We’re Excited About

Comprehensive Security.  You may have noticed that some of your company’s security measures have taken a backseat to stay flexible and help withstand the global pandemic. For many teams out there, quick fixes and shortcuts that would have once been contentious suddenly became necessary just to keep the wheels turning and keep the workforce connected. If this sounds familiar, you’ll want to think about a platform that anticipates the need for both efficiency and rigorous cybersecurity. Citrix Workspace leads built-in security with its VPN-less, zero-trust security, and secure access service edge (SASE).

Increased Efficiency with Microapps.  According to the people at B2B online event talk platform BrightTALK, when workers use most business apps, they spend 20% of their time simply searching for info while using the same four or five functions. Microapps use the APIs within SaaS or homegrown applications to help automate repetitive tasks (like generating a report or initiating a help desk ticket). This capacity allows the user to access the necessary functions and content without fully launching the application that powers it. Your business can take advantage of these machine-learning-powered microapps in two main ways: either with over a hundred microapps that come pre-configured or by creating your own (low-code) microapps. All this integration and improved efficiency also help mitigate employee use of apps that have not been approved by IT (and may store sensitive data).

citrix microapps

Holistic Visibility.  Troubleshooting becomes much less resource-intensive when your IT team has end-to-end, top-to-bottom visibility. Workspace gives session-level data on virtual apps, desktops, users, gateways, and network traffic. It can even detect what Citrix dubs “black hole machines”—devices that have missed four or more consecutive service sessions.

citrix analytics

Lightning Quick Help Desk Support.  Just this month, Citrix announced a new partnership with Ivanti, a platform that discovers, manages, secures, and services IT assets from cloud to edge. They’ve integrated Ivanti Neurons for IT Service Management with Citrix Workspace. This advancement means that automation bots will proactively hunt for and resolve issues while reducing the number of help desk tickets and improving the average speed at which IT problems get resolved. Not only does this make IT workloads more manageable, but the degree of integration also lends itself to a support process that makes employees likely to feel that they are being managed as people, rather than widgets. 

It all adds up to more productivity, engagement, and a best-in-class user experience for your team.  Are you unsure whether your current infrastructure will match the evolving needs of your workforce? Watch our video and learn how Citrix Workspace can help simplify your workspace technology.

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